What Am I Reading?

“On Becoming” by Toke Makinwa.

I had no idea who Toke Makinwa was, although I had heard of her book signing here in Ghana a few months ago. Even then I still did not bother to find out who she was or why her book was such a big deal. For whatever reason, I genuinely was not interested. Not until a dear friend recommended it and went ahead to forward a PDF copy. I read a couple of paragraphs in the prologue, still, absolutely no interest. I can’t tell exactly what it was that finally drew me to it but after reading a few chapters I was hooked! I couldn’t stop! Something inside of me warmed up to her experiences, choices and generally her storytelling style of writing.

“On Becoming” is basically a well packaged expose of Toke Makinwa’s personal life. It shed some light on the death of her parents, her early school days, her walk with Christ, social experiences, work and relationships. She was brutally honest about her failed marriage and made no excuses for investing so much time and effort in such a dysfunctional relationship. In fact, she shares so much information, it’s almost too much information.

I went online to read some reviews because I was curious and wanted to explore other’s opinion on the book. Some people had a lot to say, Twitter was flooded with tonnes of them. One side bashed her for holding on to something that was never hers, the other team praised her for her strength, courage, confidence and business savvy. The third party was very objective in their thoughts and did a good job dissecting the book. So far, this is my favorite review.

I recommend Toke Makinwa’s “On Becoming” to anyone who still has a lot of figuring out to do, or for the curious minds who are in just for a good read. It’s an eye-opener, captivating and awe-inspiring.

Toke Makinwa, a Nigerian vlogger, television, and radio personality, burst onto the scene in 2010 after the premiere of her late night radio show, “Rhythms of the Night,” hosted by one of the most popular music stations in the Lagos Metropolitan area, Rhythm 93.7FM.

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xo, The Lady.


2 thoughts on “What Am I Reading?

  1. I read these few paragraphs with a smile on my face throughout — it was almost like sitting infront of you and hearing you speak– with such genuity , this is exactly how you speak in person. I am proud of your writing skills already although they are just articles for now. Keep it Up AJ 🙂


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