When Life Gives You Lemons… Put Them On Your Face!

I’m a dark skinned “chocolate from Ghana” kind of beauty, and it took me a while to understand that not a lot of people would necessarily appreciate that unique fact about my skin. But I do, and that’s all that matters! So today I decided to do a piece on my skin care regimen, especially for my dark skinned queens.

Lemons! This tangy citrus has some amazing benefits for your skin and if you are a DIY junkie like I am, then you’d love all the different ways you can experiment with it.
Lemons have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, making them a natural acne treatment. The citric acid in its juice gradually fades spots and evens your skin tone. Be cautious of open wounds or cuts on the face, as it can sting real bad. Mix with baking soda to create a homemade teeth whitener, it’s great for oily skin, strengthen nails and calms dry, itchy scalp.

For my personal hair and skin care regimen, I use just 3 ingredients; water, lemon oil and coconut oil.
How do I use it?

1. A few drops of lemon oil added to my bath water. It has a fresh clean scent and therapeutic properties that make my skin feel properly cleansed from deep within the pores. It also serves as a natural deodorant, as it has antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that keep the bacteria away.

2. I use it as a Facial Toner. Lemon oil has astringent and oil control properties that make it a perfect facial toner. It tightens and lifts my skin, as well as shrinks my humongous pores. This also helps control excess sebum. In an empty spray bottle, pour in 1 cup of distilled/filtered water and add 2 drop of lemon oil. Spritz directly onto your face or on a cotton ball.

3. My “Black Girl Magic” Coconut and Lemon Oil Mix. Mix 1 drop of lemon essential oil in 1/4 cup of coconut oil. I use this on my face, body and in my hair. It’s a potent acne-fighter, anti-aging, evens out my skin tone and leaves my hair healthy, shiny and dandruff free. Coconut oil keeps my skin smooth and moisturized.

4. Curing bad breath with lemon is an age old practice. Its fresh scent neutralizes any bad odor. I mix two drops of lemon oil with 1/2 cup of distilled water and rinse my mouth. Its antibacterial properties fight off bacteria and plaque in the mouth. Lemon also has therapeutic properties that help curb down false hunger pangs and sugar cravings.

5. I also add 1/2 drop to my DIY Face Masks.

Please note; the above regimen is my night time routine. I use lemon oil at night only! Never go out in the sun and avoid exposure to sunlight with lemon juice on your skin. 

Let’s not end it here. Read more on the benefits of Lemons and the different ways it can be used.               

xo, The Lady.


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