A Good Day To Smile!

As usual, the sun came out guns blazing here in Ghana, but I’m having such an awesome day, thus, thought to share some good cheer! Hello there world!!

For those who know me, it might seem as though i have a lot going on for me; believe me, I’m at that point in my life where I still haven’t figured out a lot of things. But oddly I’m in such a happy place. Regardless of my circumstances, I strongly believe everything will come together for my good. The Universe is on my side. So, to anyone out there feeling blue, turn that frown upside down and allow the good vibes seep in. It might be one heck of a trial (and honestly I am in no position to tell you it’s going to be OK) but IT’S GOING TO BE OK! 

“When you lose, don’t lose the lesson”

                                                           _The Dalai Lama

    xo, The Lady.



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