Hey there! No “roses and honey” intro today. Let’s jump right into it, I’ve got juice! I used to have a terrible skin! This was back in high school, and I’d just hit puberty. I had no idea and didn’t understand that it was okay for my skin to break out so… I went nuts […]


A Few Of My Favorite Things

    On the weekend you’d usually find these in my bag. And yes I do carry around a pair of heels! Sunglasses and moisturizer are essential, red lip stick is a classic signature look, a good read and a lingering scent to keep them wondering… Details___________________________   Fendi Cat Eye Sunglasses Marc Jacobs Daisy Tom […]

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What Am I Reading?

“On Becoming” by Toke Makinwa. I had no idea who Toke Makinwa was, although I had heard of her book signing here in Ghana a few months ago. Even then I still did not bother to find out who she was or why her book was such a big deal. For whatever reason, I genuinely […]

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Forgiveness Is Not Weakness.

Scorpios tend to be extremely resentful and vengeful. But over the years I learned that letting go and moving on is usually the better route. I’ve been in a few heart-wrenching situations and trust me I thought I would never be the same. But here I am, glowing like a f*ckn angel! To me, forgiveness […]

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A Couple Frogs A Couple Kisses

I’ve had my fair share of both amazing and horrific experiences with men. I’m the type that falls in love and definitely one to settle, so I’m sure you can imagine how colorful my dating experiences have been. Sometimes things end well, sometimes they don’t. But the one thing that is yet to change is […]

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